10th RusDocFilmFest-3W program:

Friday October 20

DCTV (87 Lafayette, Manhattan, NY)
Main Theater (1st floor)

7:00 –11:00   buy tickets
— Opening event
— Screening: The Man Who Was Too Free (Russia). Q&A with film directors
Exhibition opening:
— Exhibition “Russian Émigré-Artists in the USA. 1950-2017”
— Exhibition “Photographer Nina Alovert: Picture to Remember”

Saturday, October 21

DCTV (87 Lafayette, Manhattan, NY)
Main Theater (1st floor)

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A Long View (Russia)
Quarter of the Century (Russia)

4:00   buy tickets
Six Musicians and the City (Armenia / Russia)

5:20   buy tickets
The Success of a Hopeless Affair (Russia)
Life in Word and Deed (Russia)

7:20   buy tickets
Operation Wedding (Israel, Latvia)

DCTV (87 Lafayette, Manhattan, NY)
Engine Bay Hall (1st floor)

— Round table “From America with Love. American Slavists and the Russian Perestroika” (organized by The New Review with the Harriman Institute, Columbia University)

— New book by Aldanov Award laureates: “World Citizen.” Presentation dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Literary Award named after Mark Aldanov (The New Review Publishing)
— Poetry reading “Hudson Note. Russian-American Poets in New York”
— Reception

DCTV (87 Lafayette, Manhattan, NY)
Studio (3rd floor)

3:00   buy tickets
A Hellish Chaos (Russia)

5:00   buy tickets
24 Snow (Russia)


“Russian Émigré-Artists in the USA. 1950-2017”
Photographer Nina Alovert: “Picture to Remember”
“LenDoc: 85 Years on the Screen”

School of Visual Arts (136 West 21 Street, Manhattan, NY)

2:00   buy tickets
Between the Lines God Passes the Night (Russia)

2:50   buy tickets
Natalia Gorbanevskaya: I am not a Hero (Russia)

3:50   buy tickets
Time was Given (Russia)

Sunday, October 22

DCTV (87 Lafayette, Manhattan, NY)
Main Theater (1st floor)

2:00   buy tickets
I was Bitten by a Shark (Russia)

3:10   buy tickets
Karski and the Lords of Humanity (Poland)

4:45   buy tickets
Free to Rock (USA)

6:10   buy tickets
Picture to Remember (USA)

DCTV (87 Lafayette, Manhattan, NY)
Studio (3rd floor)

2:00   buy tickets
Hear Me (Russia)
Imagine (Russia)

DCTV (87 Lafayette, Manhattan, NY)
Auditorium (1st floor)

— Round Table on modern documentary: new forms, new genres, new reality.

DCTV (87 Lafayette, Manhattan, NY)
Main Theater (1st floor)

7:30   buy tickets
— Closing Event of the 10th RusDocFilmFest-3W Reception

Festival screenings at the theaters of New York State:

NEW RUSSIA CULTURAL CENTER in Albany (1550 Broadway Rensselaer, NY 12144)

In Search of a Lost Paradise (Russia)

– Evgeny Yevtushenko: Should the Clover Rustle in the Meadow…

…And Only Three Strings (Sweden)

Also, as part of the Festival program:

Sunday, October 15
Synod ROCOR (75 East 93rd Street, Manhattan, NY)

— Round Table “100 years of Revolution – 100 years of Russian Emigration. Lessons of History”. As part of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of The New Review

Thursday, October 19
National Writers Union (113 University Pl #602, Manhattan, NY)

— Lecture on current issues in modern Russia: “Unpredictable Faces of Russia: Pro et Contra”
— Presenting Festival guests: Dina Sorokina, Yeltsin Center (Russia), Vera Krichevskaya and Mikhail Fishman, Russian film directors.