logoRUSDOCFILMFEST-3W announces the list of participating films of the Eleventh Annual Independent Documentary Film Festival in New York.

The 11th RUSDOCFILMFEST-3W will take place in Manhattan, New York, from October 19th to 21st at DCTV (87 Lafayette Street NYC) and SVA (136 West 21 Street, Manhattan, NY).

The 11th RUSDOCFILMFEST-3W presents a varied program of new documentaries – winners of international film festivals over the past two years.

The list of participating films is below (alphabetical order). (List is subject to change due to technical issues.) All participating films must be in English or have English subtitles.

«Andrey Zvyagintsev. The Director» (Director: Dmitri Rudakov, Russia)
«Brother Azari» (Director: Alexey Burykin, Russia)
«Era of Lyubimov. Master’s Rehearsals» (Director: Elena Yakovich, Russia)
«I Have Believed – I Believe» (Directors: Maria Kosobokova, Polina Zavadskaya, Russia)
«Ost-Front» (Director: Andrey Osipov, Russia)
«Harmony» (Director: Lidia Sheynina, Russia)
«The Story of Vinh» (Director: Keiko Tsuno, USA)
«King Lear» (Director: Denis Klebleev, Russia)
«Love is Potatoes» (Director: Aliona van der Horst, Netherland)
«Monkey, Ostrich, and Grave» (Director: Oleg Mavromatty, Bulgaria / Israel / USA)
«Radio К» (Director: Julia Gerra, Russia)
«Facing the Mirror» (Director: Sarah Khaki, USA)
«Victory over the Victory» (Director: Irina Vasilieva, Russia)
«Flight of a Bullet» (Director: Beata Bubenets, Russia / Latvia)
«You Rock» (Director: Eugeny Grigoriev, Russia)
«The Trial. The State of Russia vs Oleg Sentsov» (Director: Askold Kurov, Estonia / Poland / Czech Republic)
«Soviet Hippies / Nõukogude hipid» (Director: Terje Toomistu, Estonia / Germany / Finland)
«Sasha Sokolov. Last Russian Writer» (Director: Ilya Belov, Russia)
«‘Fabric of Dreams’ for Comrade Stalin» (Director: Boris Karadzhev, Russia)
«I Must Tell» (Director: Sergei Kudryashov, Russia)

The Organizing committee is looking forward to seeing everyone at the 11th RUSDOCFILMFEST-3W on October 19-21 at DCTV and SVA, NYC!

Festival Organizer – The New Review Inc.

General sponsor – Zimin Foundation

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Photos from last year festival