— Alexander Galich (Russia)
— Distant Barking of Dogs (Ukraine)
— Grid (Russia)
— Insomnia (Russia-France)
— I am a Volunteer (Russia)
— Landscape of Music (Russia-Great Britain)
— Let Me Live My Life (Russia)
— Novaya Gazeta (Russia)
— Oscar (Russia)
— Parajanov, Tarkovsky, Antipenko. Light and Shadow (Russia)
— Romas, Thomas and Joseph (Lithuania)
— Shamanic Lessons for Beginners (Russia-USA)
— Simon versus Fear (Bulgaria)
— To the Success of our Hopeless Ca-use (Russia)
— Witnesses of Love (Russia)
— White Mama (Russia)
— You be the Judge (USA)

The 12th annual independent documentary film festival in New York – RUSDOCFILMFEST-3W – will take place at DCTV (87 Lafayette) and the School of Visual Arts (133 W 21 Street) in Manhattan on October 14-20, 2019. All documentaries are American premieres; all films will be screened in English or with English subtitles.

We have a new upgraded format of the traditional festival structure this year. We are providing an additional modernized format of the screenings – the online theater “DOCFILM-online”. Because of the interest in the festival program for American viewers and for international audiences, we have started this PILOT ON-LINE PROJECT. First, the films will be shown online on the festival website platform under the festival program. THE DOCFILM-ONLINE PROGRAM WILL LAUNCH ON OCTOBER 14 FOR 5 DAYS.

Then we will start screenings of the documentaries at the theaters. THE “IN-THEATER” PROGRAM WILL BE ON OCTOBER 19-20.

Grand PrixTHE AWARD CEREMONY WILL TAKE PLACE ON OCTOBER 20, 2019. The Grand-Prix of the festival is based on the emblem of the festival: the image of Prometheus holding the Tree of Life – a unique gift to the festival from world-known American sculptor Ernst Neizvestny (1925-2016). Other festival awards are: Special Jury prize, People’s Choice Award, and diplomas and awards from nonprofit ethnic organizations in New York.

The mission of RUSDOCFILMFEST-3W, annual independent multi-ethnic Eastern-European documentary film festival in New York: to support independent documentary cinema with strong social and cultural context; to create a close tie within the international cinematographic community; to present national cinema from Eastern European countries with all aspects of its aesthetic and problematic uniqueness, its distinctiveness in the topics, styles, and geographical locations to the American audience.

The festival is a non-profit interactive platform for serving American viewers unfamiliar with Eastern-European independent documentary films, as well as for promoting open creative and artistic dialogue among professional documentary filmmakers.

The festival has an interactive format. We will continue to discuss the topic of contemporary documentary cinema – new formats, new genres – with American filmmakers at a roundtable , Q&A sessions with participants of the festival, an avant-garde art exhibition from private collections, and a special presentation of the festival guests.

The 12th RUSDOCFILMFEST-3W is organized by The New Review Inc.

The New Review Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded in New York in 1953. The corporation is based on The New Review magazine, the oldest ethnic literary magazine in the USA. The New Review was founded in New York in 1942 by famous writers who had escaped from Nazi-occupied Europe. Among their authors were five Nobel Prize laureates including Ivan Bunin, Boris Pasternak, Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, Joseph Brodsky, and Svetlana Alexievich, as well as world-renowned American writer Vladimir Nabokov. Today, The New Review is one of the most popular ethnic journals; all leading American and European universities are among our subscribers. The New Review Inc. is a nonprofit organization under code 501 (c) (3).

The organizing committee DOES NOT provide any travel-grants to participants, DOES NOT provide any financial support for participants, DOES NOT pay fees to distributing companies or film studios for screening their films under the festival project.

The organizing committee covers all expenses for screening the festival film program at the cinema theaters in New York, for presentations of film directors and film-teams during the festival, for the festival promotional company. The New Review Inc. covers the registration fees of all participants of the festival. Media accreditation at the festival is free of charge.

Organizing committee