This year the festival is scheduled to take place October 19-25, 2020.

The festival is scheduled to take place in Manhattan and at the DOCFILM-online, an additional festival platform. If the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the festival will concentrate all its efforts on the DOCFILM-online platform.

The online theater DOCFILM-online will open October 19-23.  The VR-Program is scheduled for October 24. The screenings at Manhattan theaters are scheduled to take place October 23-25.


  1. LUDMILA ALEKSEEVA.DEPRIVED OF THE NIMBUS (Russia. Director: S. Dogorov, S. Beyseulov. Producer: А. Radov)*
  2. THE THEATER BEHIND THE BARBED WIRE (Russia. Director: I. Kokorina. Producer: A. Radov)*
  3. FURTIVELY ABOUT KIRA (Russia. Director: I. Vasilyeva. Producer: A.Radov)*
  4. 5 KALYAEVSKAYA STREET (Russia. Director: M. Sorokina. Producer: D. Belanovsky)
  5. THE SHAMAN (Russia. Director: A. Osipov)
  6. ZULMAT (Kazakhstan. Director:M. Zhanbolat)
  8. BAIKAL: AWARENESS OF BEAUTY (Russia. Director: V. Shavchenko)
  10. SPITAK. THIRTY YEARS OF SOLITUDE (Russia/Armenia. Director: S. Stasenko. Producer: S. Stasenko, L. Antonova)
  11. FREE FLYING (Spain/Russia. Director: А. Arlauskas)
  12. ANNA AKHMATOVA (Russia. Director: E. Yakovich)

*Titles 1-3 are a program in memoriam of Alexander Radov.

The festival program will be updated in August. All film have English subtitles

DOCFILM-online. We work with contemporary documentary filmmakers from all post-socialist countries of Eastern Europe and from the USA. Films presented at the festival are unique in their themes and styles, reflecting the most important social problems of the contemporary world, and were made at the highest professional level.

Modernization of the festival gives the participants a chance to show their works from national cinemas to a wider audience. All devotees of non-fiction cinema and viewers of the festival will have an opportunity to select the winner of the special VIEWERS’ CHOICE AWARD.

The films from the festival program will be shown online on the festival website in a closed format (a one-time view accessible only via registration/ticket purchase with a password provided via the festival website according to the film schedule.) The online film theatre is governed by the same rules as the real-life theatre: there will be one screening of the film per audience member; the film is protected by a one-time use password that will be given to an individual ticket-holder. We will utilize the most up-to-date platform to ensure that each viewer has an optimal experience. The films will be shown online during the week, adhering to a schedule (the film schedule will be released in October). The film-laureates, selected by the jury, will be shown at the Closing Ceremony at the end of the week in Manhattan, New York.

We will use our own online platform for screenings; all films will be secured from illegal downloading. The online program will be organized according to Eastern Daylight Time.

MANHATTAN SCREENINGS. For residents of New York the festival program is scheduled to be screened at theatres in Manhattan. The program will include film screenings, an Award Ceremony (Grand Prix, Special Jury Prize, Faces of Russia, The Viewers’ Choice Award, and special diplomas), a roundtable on the theme of the contemporary documentary, Q&A sessions, and more.

THE VIRTUAL REALITY PROGRAM is scheduled to be presented at the DCTV theater. The program will consist of VR/3D documentaries made in Eastern Europe.

The organizer of the RUSDOCFILMFEST-3W – The New Review Inc. / Novyi Zhurnal, the oldest intellectual literary journal of the multi-ethnic Russian-speaking community.

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Dear colleagues and friends!

In the current pandemic situation, we would like to express our support to all independent filmmakers and their loved ones. We believe that together we will overcome all problems, all difficulties; the physical distance that needs to separate us today will make us only stronger and closer to each other spiritually and professionally. Let’s make the 13th festival a symbol of our unity, our strong will, and creative joy. Let’s make it fun and enjoyable, despite the scary and unlucky situation in the world. Let’s keep on PLAYING BALL!!!

Organizing committee RUSDOCFILMFEST-3W, 2020