Purchasing Tickets for the In-Person Showing

Step 1

To purchase tickets for the in-person showing at Anthology Film Archives, click on “Buy Tickets for Live Screenings” on the homepage.

Step 2

Click on the “Check out for $23.18” button to be taken to the Eventbrite page to complete your ticket purchase.

This ticket is valid for one person for the screenings of both “Famine” and “Away.”

“Famine” will be screened at 3pm, followed by a brief Q&A and intermission. After this, “Away” will be screened. Both screenings will complete by 6pm.

Please note there are no refunds. Tickets will be sold at the door cash only.

While there, remember to “Follow” us for future events posted on Eventbrite.

Purchasing Tickets for the Online Theater

Step 1

To purchase tickets for the online theater, click on “Movies” in the top right corner menu, or Buy Tickets for Online Theater button, or titles linked in the Online Theater Screenings Schedule section on the homepage.

Step 2

Scroll down to see the list of movies. Please note the date underneath the film description. This is the only day the film will be available to view in the online theater.

Click on “Pay & Watch” to buy tickets for the online screening. You can buy tickets in advance, or on the day of the screening.

Step 3

On the following page enter your email address. Make sure this is an email address you have access to. This is the email address where you will receive a code after purchasing. Each ticket costs $15. Click on “Pay Now By PayPal.”

Step 4

You will be taken to the PayPal site. Please enter your PayPal login information to purchase the ticket (for $15) from The New Review (the organizer of the festival.) When you complete the order, you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 5

Please check the email inbox of the email address you entered previously. You will receive an email with the code that you need to enter to watch the film on its scheduled day. If you do not receive the confirmation email with the code within 5 minutes, please check your Spam folder.

Step 6

Please do not delete the email with the code. You will need this code to enter on the site to view the film on its scheduled day.

The day the film is scheduled to be shown online (shown underneath the film description on the “Movies” page) is the only day when you will be able to enter the code to view the film.

You will be able to enter the code to view the film from 10 AM eastern time on its scheduled day until 1 AM Eastern time. For example, for The Man Who Was Too Free, you will be able to enter the code to view the film from 10 AM on March 20th until 1 AM on March 21st.

Please note, if you miss the day of the screening, unfortunately, we are unable to show the film on a different day, and we are unable to provide refunds.

After copying and pasting the code from the email on the film’s webpage, click on “Watch the Movie”