Annual Independent Russian-American Documentary Film Festival in New York
Since 2008​
Oct. 18-24, 2021

We are pleased to announce the upcoming 14th independent documentary film festival RUSDOCFILMFEST.

The 2021 Festival is comprised of the following programs:

“Free World”

films that tackle important social issues
PROGRAM (in alphabetical order):
  1. Baikal: Code Red? / Без Байкала (Russia)
  2. Busy Inside (USA) 
  3. The Dossier of Laughter (Bulgaria)
  4. Dossier of Sakharov / Дело Сахарова (Russia)
  5. Dora (USA)
  6. following the holocaust / Память. По следам Холокоста (Russia / Moldova)
  7. Intent to Destroy: Death, Denial, & Depiction (USA)
  8. Listуеv. А new perspective (Russia)
  9. Politzek is the New Black / Политзек is the new black (Russia)
  10. Sotnya 100. The Mesopotamian Raid (USA)
  11. Short Tutorial on Raising Seals / Краткое Пособие по Воспитанию Тюленей (Russia)
  12. Temporarily Closed (USA)
  13. Truth to Power (USA)
  14. We Are the Pain / Ние сме болката (Bulgaria)

“Eternal Values”

films that reflect central themes of Russian culture and literature

PROGRAM (in alphabetical order):

Competition Program:
  1. The Rebirth of Georgian Chants / Алило. Возрождение грузинских песнопений (Georgia-Russia)
  2. Costakis Gift / Дар Костаки (Georgia-Russia)
  3. Rachmaninoff Revisited (USA)
  4. The Russian Rondo of Natalia Shakhovskaya / Русское рондо Наталии Шаховской (Russia)
  5. Serge Hollerbach: The Russian Painter In New York / Серж Голлербах: Русский художник в Нью-Йорке (USA)
  6. The Shroud Of Incense / Здесь пахнет ладаном (Russia)
  7. Stanislavski. Lust for Life / Станиславский. Жажда жизни (Russia)
  8. Open/Цветаева.Open (Russia)
Non-Competition Program:
  1. Arbenin’s Mask / Маска Арбенина (Chile)
  2. Burov & Burov / Буров и Буров (Russia)
  3. Fission: The Story of A Real Man / Повесть о настоящем Фиссоне (Russia)
  4. A Merchant for All Times: Sergei Diaghilev Virtual Museum / Купец на все времена. Виртуальный музей Сергея Дягилева (Russia)

“Fresh Look”

films made using modern methods and new cinematography languages

Today, we are announcing the next three films accepted into the program “Fresh Look”, and the selection process for this program continues until August 5.  We will definitely make an announcement when we include additional innovative films in the program.
We are interested in filmmakers who work by shooting from a copter, use GoPro cameras, blogs, VR, 360, tools of the new cinema language, and everything unusual!
We want to find the most original voices – otherwise, the ‘fresh look’ won’t be fresh! If you feel that you’ve found yourself, we are waiting for you and will be happy to consider your film! We invite you to our platform, “Fresh Look”, to announce yourself!
PROGRAM (in alphabetical order):
  1. Exclusion Zone / Зона отселения (Russia)
  2. Between Arctic and Antarctica / Экспедиция. Между Антарктикой и Арктикой (Russia)
  3. Shadows of Your Childhood / Тени твоего детства (Russia)

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