15th Annual Independent
East European Documentary
Film Festival in New York

Since 2008​

March 19-25, 2023


RDFF 2023

Summing up the results of the 15th Annual Independent East European Documentary Film Festival

While putting together the program for this year’s festival we wanted to pursue two specific goals. Firstly, we wanted to show our audience that during a time when the humanitarian values of our civilization are experiencing a crisis, during a time of war and a time when totalitarian and chauvinistic powers are growing stronger, there still exist independent arts and culture, built on the principles of personal and creative freedom, the value of human life, the right to free speech, – a culture of humanism and pacifism.


Our Premieres:

In theaters:
FAMINE (dir. Tatiana Sorokina, in-theater only)
• Away (dir. Ruslan Fedotow)

Online Festival Theater:

A House Made of Splinters (dir. Simon Lereng Wilmont)
• Away (dir. Ruslan Fedotow)
• A Bitter taste of Love or Frau Schindler’s List (dir. Igor Volosetsky & Larisa Maximova)
• This Message Has Been Created and Distributed… (dir. Askold Kurov)
• The New Greatness Case (dir. Anna Shishova)
• Victor Fainberg. Madly in Dissent (dir. Ksenia & Kirill Sakharnov)
• Alexander Tairov. Legend of the Kamerny Theater (dir. Yulia Rytik)
• Khash (dir. Yulia Melamed)

Laureates Of RUSDOCFILMFEST 2008-2021:

• The Sakharov Case (Dir. Elena Yakovich, 2021)
• Zulmat. Mass Hunger In Kazakhstan (Dir. Zhanbolat Mamay, 2020)
• Shaman (Dir. Andrei Osipov, 2020)
• The Man Who Was Too Free (Dir. Vera Krichevskaya & Michail Fishman, 2017)
• Natalia Gorbanevskaya: I Am Not A Hero (Dir. Ksenia & Kirill Sakharnov, 2017)
• Naum Korzhavin. Time, It’s Given… (Dir. Pavel Mirzoev, 2017)
• Gorenstein: He Knew All About Russia (Dir. Yury Veksler, 2016

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Online Theater Screenings Schedule

A House Made of Splinters
•  Co-production: Denmark, Ukraine, Sweden, and Finland  
•  1:27h  
•  Ukrainian, Russian, with English subtitles
Author/Director(s): Simon Lereng Wilmont
Producer(s): Monica Hillström

This documentary had its world premiere at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival and was the Academy Award nominee for Best documentary film in 2023. The film is about children from a special orphanage in Eastern Ukraine. A small group of social workers is taking care of children who lost their parents in the war. They are trying to create a safe space for children near the front line. The filming of the documentary lasted for more than two years in the Donbas region.

Simon Lereng Wilmont’s “Distance Barking of Docs” received the Grand Prix at the 12th RUSDOCFILMFEST in 2019.

Fri, March 24