14th Annual Independent
American-Russian Documentary
Film Festival in New York
Since 2008​
Oct. 18-24, 2021
Mayor of New York City welcomes RUSDOCFILMFEST

RDFF 2021

Mayor of New York City welcomes RUSDOCFILMFEST

Dear Friends! We’re thrilled to welcome you to the 14th annual RUSDOCFILMFEST! Our festival is now officially open, and the Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio sends his greeting, which is attached.  The festival runs online from October 18 to 24, but there’ll also be one day of screenings in a good old-fashioned physical theater on October 23rd. Happy viewing!
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Live Screenings

A one-day live screenings on Sat. Oct. 23rd at the SVA MFA Social Documentary Theater (136 West 21st St, NY, NY 10011)

12:30 PM Truth to Power (USA)
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2:10 PM Rachmaninoff Revisited (USA)
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The 2021 Festival is comprised of the following programs:

Exclusion Zone
Зона отселения
•  Russia/Ukraine  
•  13 min  
•  Russian, English subtitles
Author/Director(s): Julia Rytik
Producer(s): Artur Miller
Studio: GITR Film & TV School

Sound Engineer: Ivan Apilat

When the Chernobyl nuclear power station blew up in 1985 it seemed that Time came to a halt. Indeed, it did for those residents in areas that were contaminated with radioactive fallout from the disaster. In this film, for the first time, the public hears things that these residents previously wouldn’t dare to speak aloud. This is a genre called "post-apocalyptic documentary”.

Julia Rytik worked at the Gorky film studio. Since 2019, she has been working at Mir Media as an assistant director and editing director.

Wednesday, October 20th (Fresh Look program is free)