Festival Jury

Barney Oldfield

Barney Oldfield has a long history serving the entertainment community on both US coasts. Barney grew up in New York City in a family long associated with the film business, his grandfather was the founder of an early Hollywood studio and his uncle a partner at another. He worked for Forbes Magazine. A graduate of NYU School of Film and Harvard, Mr. Oldfield serves as founder of the Harvard Film Group, is the general manager of famous motion picture company Angelika Corporation (since 1997). As a resource for the filmmaking community he began NewFilmmakers, which weekly screens new independent films in New York and in Los Angeles, and the Harvard Film Group, which has over 1000 alumni members nationally. He is a longstanding and current chairman of the Board for New York City’s center for independent film and film preservation – Anthology Film Achieves.

Lucy Kostelanetz

Lucy Kostelanetz, independent documentary filmmaker. Due to the making of her documentary feature, SONIA (2007), about the Russian Avant-Garde artist, Sofia Dymshitz-Tolstaya, she has maintained a deep interest in Eastern European filmmakers, art and culture. She has also served twice on the board of the Robert Flaherty Film Seminar and was the president of Flaherty Seminar from 2000-2001.

Anthony Anemone

Anthony Anemone is a literary historian and film critic writing about contemporary Russian literature and cinema. Educated at Columbia University and the University of California at Berkeley. He is a Professor at The New School, New York. The author of numerous articles, reviews, and books. He is working on the first English language monograph devoted to the world-known filmmaker Mikhail Kalatozov.

Jeff Bliumis

Born in Moldova and upbringing in the US, Jeff Bliumis has been painting for decades. He is New-York based multimedia artist whose works concerns the politics of community, cultural displacement, migration and national identity. He has a lot of exhibitions and shows personally or together with his wife Alina including Thank You Paintings Exchange at Denny Gallery and Casual Conversations at the Laurie M. Tisch Gallery. His work has exhibited internationally at venues including the Bronx Museum of the Arts, Centre d’art Contemporain in Meymac, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and others. He is a creator of the Grand Prix of the RUSDOCFILMFEST-3W, the bronze replica of graphical sketch made by his friend world-known Russian-American sculptor Ernst Neizvestny, a logotype of the RUSDOCFILMFEST-3W.

Mikhail Romanovskiy

Mikhail Romanovskiy is a TV & Film award-winning director. His movies “Lonely Souls of Microbes” and “Timeline” have numerous awards at the international film festivals around the world. He was a Chief Product Director and supervised production of shows at RBC TV Channel. Right now he is a Chief Product Director of RTVI TV Channel ( New York), where he recently created a series of documentaries “Amazons of XXI Century”.

Elena Ulanovski

Thanks to Elena Ulanovski — the festival coordinator working with jury and helping them. She is a film producer, novelist, screenwriter, and playwright. Born in Ukraine, USSR, she lived in Israel and now – in the US. Her documentary films “Russian is a Hard Language”, “From Russia with Math”, “New Zion Protocols” were screened at the international film festivals in the US, Israel, and Russia. Her plays were staged in the US and Israel. She is a co-founder of producers’ company Weekend Movie Productions, LLC. She is a member of the Organizing Committee of the RUSDOCFILMFEST-3W.