Post: News Update 09.05.2020

News Update 09.05.2020

Online Theater. This year’s program includes a selection of documentaries created in the last two years by filmmakers from (in alphabetical order): Armenia, Bulgaria, Israel, France, Kazakhstan, Spain, and Russia. All documentaries are American premieres, and all documentaries have English subtitles. Most of the films in the program are laureates of international film festivals.

We work with contemporary documentary filmmakers from across the post-Soviet bloc and the USA. The films presented at the festival share a unique approach in their themes and styles, taking aim at some of the most important social problems of the modern world.

This online modernization and upgrade of the Festival’s platform gives participants a chance to show their work to viewers across the globe. Non-fiction cinema enthusiasts and Festival viewers will have the opportunity to select the winner of the special VIEWERS’ CHOICE AWARD. Please email the name of the documentary you liked the most to

The films in the festival program will be shown online on the official website in a closed format (a one-time view accessible solely via registration/ticket purchase with a code provided by the festival website according to the film schedule.) The Online film theater is governed by the same rules as a real-life theater: there will be one film screening per audience member; the film is protected by a one-time use password/code to be given to an individual ticket-holder. We will utilize the most up-to-date platform to ensure that each viewer has an optimal experience.

We will use our own online platform for screenings; all films will be secured from illegal downloading. The online program will be organized according to Eastern Daylight Time.

Our current era of pandemic has increased the physical distance between us, but engaged us in a stronger professional community! Enjoy watching!

The organizer of the RUSDOCFILMFEST-3W – The New Review Inc. / Novyi Zhurnal, the oldest intellectual literary journal of the multi-ethnic Russian-speaking community.

For additional information please contact:

To maintain our Festival’s interactive format we organized an online roundtable with film directors from Russia and multi ethnic Russian-speaking Diaspora on the theme of “New Formats and Genres of National Filmmaking Tradition in Documentary film in the Era of Covid-19”. The video is available on our YouTube channel: Please subscribe to our festival YouTube channel and see the festival trailers, teasers and other video materials.

Dear viewers!

In the current pandemic situation, we would like to express our support to all independent filmmakers and their loved ones. We believe that together we can overcome all difficulties. The physical distance that separates us today will make us only stronger and closer to each other spiritually and professionally. Let’s make the 13th festival a symbol of our unity, our indomitable will, and creative joy. Let’s make it intellectually stimulating and enjoyable, despite the unfortunate situation in the world.

Organizing committee RUSDOCFILMFEST-3W, 2020

Exclusion Zone
Зона отселения
•  Russia/Ukraine  
•  13 min  
•  Russian, English subtitles
Author/Director(s): Julia Rytik
Producer(s): Artur Miller
Studio: GITR Film & TV School

Sound Engineer: Ivan Apilat

When the Chernobyl nuclear power station blew up in 1985 it seemed that Time came to a halt. Indeed, it did for those residents in areas that were contaminated with radioactive fallout from the disaster. In this film, for the first time, the public hears things that these residents previously wouldn’t dare to speak aloud. This is a genre called "post-apocalyptic documentary”.

Julia Rytik worked at the Gorky film studio. Since 2019, she has been working at Mir Media as an assistant director and editing director.

Wednesday, October 20th (Fresh Look program is free)